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Rapper YOUNG DOLPH Makes New Song Called 'SLAVE OWNER' . . . 'I Don't Like N*GGAS And I Got A Lot Of WHIPS'


First Kanye West, now THIS. One of hip hop's hottest rappers Young Dolph made a new song called 'Slave Owner', and it the song lyrics have people UPSET.

The chorus for the song starts out with:

I'm a slave owner (what?), whole lotta whips (skrrt)
I don't like niggas (nah), I might get 'em killed (bah)

And he has a video for this new song - where Dolph dances with White women dressed in lingerie. The video plays up on imagery and themes from the Quentin Tarrantino movie D'Jango Unchained.

As you can imagine, people are EXTREMELY UPSET with Dolph's song.

But it's not just the slavery lyrics that have people upset. The  lyrics go even further, to glamorize date rape :

Ballin' in Chiraq like I'm coach Phil (Phil Jackson)
Drop a pill in her drink like Bill (whoa)
Smash her on the first night, I bet I will (uh-huh)

Here's the video:

The video is described as:

Set in the form of a movie, the video begins with Dolph pulling up to the house of plantation owner who wants the rapper to sign with his record label. "That there man is gonna make Liberty Land lots of money," the owner in the video says. Later in the visuals, artists are compared to slaves who are being taken advantage of by the label. The plantation owner then tries to get Dolph to sign with him, offering the rapper a 360 deal.

Also in other news, "ahead of the release of the "Slave Owner" video, Young Dolph hopped on Twitter and sent out a tweet that appears to refer to Kanye West's comments about slavery being a choice. "Industry Uncle Tom nixxas made 'A Choice' to become a FUKKK NIXXA," Dolph tweeted."