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Atlanta rapper Young Cooley (CooleyCrazyCool) was shot three times, once in the face and twice in the chest, MTO News has confirmed. 

Cooley was the victim of a home invasion robbery, where armed men barged into his home and shot him multiple times. He survived the shooting, but one bullet hit him near his eye. Doctors believe that the rapper may lose his vision permanently as a result of the incident.

And there's more. Cooley believes that his friends may have set him up. According to Cooley, the armed men entered his home with a plan. He believes that the robbery was set up by one of his friends or acquaintances.

But the robbers plan failed. The men came in looking for a BIG LICK, but the ended up with nothing. Whatever they were looking for - was not in Cooley's home.

The Atlanta rapper posted the video while laying in a hospital bed, and captioned the screen with the words "2 to the face one to the chest #Imblessed."

Here is the video:

The Atlanta rapper was shot in an apparent home invasion that left him bloodied and happy to be alive, according to a message on his Instagram.

This Atlanta Shit Full Of Haters & The Same Niggas You Be Around Be The Same Niggas Plotting Tryna Take Yo Life Over Nothing , I Almost Lost My Life Last Night & Was Shot 3 Times Once In The Face Im So Blessed Even Tho I Might Lose My Right Eye Can’t Nothing Stop God Plans Ima Still Pop My Shit & Do Me But I’m Done Fuccn Wit Niggas FUCC Everybody But My Family Ain’t No Trust Or Love In These Streets & All This For Nothing Niggas Tried To Do A Home-invasion & Left Wit NOTHING , Mission Failed But It’s Cool I’m Just Happy To Be Alive 🙏🏾💙🙏🏾

MTO News contacted the Atlanta police who claim that they are "working on" the case. They declined to comment further into the investigation.

Here's one of Young Cooley's most popular songs: