Rapper YO GOTTI DROPPED One Of His Rap Artist . . . When He Learned Dude Was GAY!!

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Rap mogul Yo Gotti allegedly dropped one of his rappers, when he learned the rapper was SECRETLY GAY. The rapper who was dropped - is making the allegations against Yo Gotti, and asking that he be released from his contract.

The rapper, who goes by the name Plane Jaymes, claims that when Gotti found out he was gay - the Memphis rapper began DISTANCING HIMSELF. Plane claims that Gotti has put his music career on ice and no longer associates with him, since learning that Plane was gay.

Plane is now asking that Gotti release him from his contract, so that he can move on with his career, with a gay-friendly label.


The unfortunate events were told by Jaymes on his Instagram as he wrote:

"@yogotti You said you believed in me and wanted to help me change pplslives for the better. Up until you & @keonn55 found out I had a boyfriend. I looked up to y’all. I gained a lot of experience from being with y’all and I’m forever greatful for that. But the fact that me being gay is why y’all no longer wanted me apart of the team is honestly fucked up. I took these pics down cause keon told me to just so y’all could be 'comfortable'. Y’all won’t put my music out but I’m still stuck in that contract I signed w #CMG which says y’allown the rights to pretty much all my publishing & everything I do unless y’all terminate that contract. Can’t reach y’all thru phone/email & that ain’t been working for over 2yrs so if I’m 'canceled / shelved' & not family like y’all said I was, all because I’m gay then what’s the deal. Tired of struggling all because of who I chose to love. And if this is how it’s gonna be I’ma just have to chalk putting out music period."