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Rapper YMW Melly leaked some pics and a short FaceTime video yesterday. The pics and video were taken on a smuggled cell phone. And the rapper seems to be happy, even though he's facing the DEATH PENALTY.

In the picture, which you can see above, the rapper is see wearing his $100K diamond filled grill. The picture was taken inside a maximum security Florida prison.

Melly is charged with mudering two men, both his former friends.

On April 18, the State of Florida filed documents registering their intent to seek the death penalty against 19-year-old Florida rapper YNW Melly. 

Prosecutors claim that Melly, real name Jamell Demons,  murdered two of his friends — YNW Sakchaser (born Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy (born Christopher Thomas Jr.) — last year.

In court documents, prosecutors alleged, Melly killed his homies "in a cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.” 

They believe that they can prove “beyond all reasonable doubt” that the murders were “especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel,” that they were committed for financial gain, and that Demons is a known member of a criminal gang. 

Demons and his alleged accomplice YNW Bortlen (born Cortlen Henry) are both being held at the Broward County Jail while they await trial.