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An SUV registered to Compton native and rapper YG, real name Keenon Jackson, was involved in a drive-by shooting yesterday. The occupants of the vehicle murdered an innocent man, and got into a shootout with police.

The occupant of YG's SUV reportedly attempted a drive by hit on rival gang members. The occupants sprayed their rivals with automatic weapons, hoping to take their lives. Unfortunately they missed their rivals, and inadvertently gunned down an innocent bystander instead.

The shooting was believed to be in retaliation for rapper Slim400.

Last week, rapper YG's longtime friend and business partner Slim400 was shot in Compton, and is recovering from his injuries. And police believe that yesterday's shooting may have been in retaliation for Slim400’s shooting

Los Angeles Deputies began pursuing YG's SUV in Compton, and then things went left.

According to officers, the occupants of YGs car got into a police chase and shootout with the deputies. The shootout/pursuit ended in Inglewood, when police stopped chasing the SUV.

Sheriff's officials said more shots were fired, with the suspects firing at deputies during the chase and at the sheriff's helicopter, which was not hit.

A patrol car's windshield was seen riddled with bullets. One deputy, who was treated and released, suffered minor injuries after being shot during the pursuit.

The suspect vehicle had "aftermarket bulletproof glass" and armor, authorities said.

At least one person was detained. It is believed there is one suspect who is outstanding.