Rapper YG used to date actress Keke Palmer. Keke was apparently in love with him, until YG went and had a whole baby on her.

An old interview was just released online - where Keke claims that YG, real name Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, did her dirty. She explained:

"Seen Keenon tonight. Learned he has a baby on the way. So deeply heartbroken. I guess I can now start the process of letting this man go in that way.

He and I are clearly just meant to work. The respect is there but our personal lives are just not lined up. I hate that I care and I'm into him still. I truly just wish I wasn't. I've been crying about this baby all morning. My heart is so broken right now.

Listen at 2:40:

This drama went down in late 2014/early 2015. In early January 2015, YG announced that his ex Caatelyn was pregnant with his first child during an interview with NYs Hot 97. In the interview, YG revealed that he's expecting his first child, and said that the news is going to "scare my birds off."

He told the interviewer, "Ya'll got me up here releasing information that I ain't supposed to be releasing. Ya'll tryna scare my birds off."