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Rapper Yella Beezy’s is reportedly being sued after he allegedly attacked the manager of rap nemesis, Mo3.

The alleged victim, Mo3’s manager Brandon Rainwater is suing Yella over an alleged assault, which took place outside of the Dallas V Live strip club in January, per TMZ. 

According to Rainwater, he suffered from a dislocated hip from the beating which was allegedly at the hands of Yella and his crew.

Surveillance footage of the altercation has surfaced online, but Yella cannot be clearly seen or identified in the video. As usual, TMZ managed to get their hands on the surveillance video, but Yella can not be identified from the footage.

Rainwater claims that when he showed up to the club, security asked him to wait outside. He then claims that security approached him, gun in hand, as Yella stood behind. He tried to flee, but Yella and his entourage caught up with him and gave him a beatdown so savage that he had to be rushed to the hospital.

He claims his injuries suffered in the attack require physical therapy. For the allegedly unprovoked beating, Rainwater is seeking $1 million damages in his suit against Yella.