Rapper Yella Beezy is going viral this morning - and his baby's mama is likely blowing up his phone!

That's because a new video leaked - showing that the rapper got CAUGHT appearing to get some private love from two video models. The video was allegedly taken yesterday, and shows the Dallas rapper leaving the bathroom with two women - who social media is calling 'thots'. And when Yella Beezy was exiting the bathroom, he can be seen zipping up his pants.

Here is the video

There's no word on what exactly the threesome was doing in the bathroom together, but we can only imagine.

Yella is gonna have a lot of explaining to do with his baby's mama . . . .

Rapper Yella Beezy is known as much for his music - as he is for the violence that surrounds him.

Last year, the rapper was shot eight times while traveling in a vehicle on a Dallas highway. The shooting was believed to have been in retaliation for the killing of a popular comedian,  Roylee Pate - who was shot and killed after beefing with Yella Beezy.

Here is the video