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Rapper Tyga May Have Replaced Kylie With NOT ONE . . . But TWO CHICKS . . . Meet The Two INSTAGRAM 'MODELS' . . . That Are Allegedly Dating Tyga!!!

Original: was the FIRST news source in the world to tell you that Kylie and Tyga broke up . . . well now we have some more JUICY INFORMATION.

Over the weekend, we told you guys that Tyga brought two EXOTICALS with him to the Beyonce concert. The exoticals, are both Instagram models named - Xanetia Unnarae and Jazmin Fernandaz.

Well the rumor has it that Tyga may actually be dating BOTH GIRLS.

If true that means that Tyga traded Kylie in for TWO CHICKS. And given the below pics, each lady might actually be cuter than Kylie.