Rapper Turk: Me & Lil Wayne Slept W/ Two Sisters & Gave Our Baby Mamas Crabs!!

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Hot boys rapper Turk is claiming that he and Lil Wayne once slept with a pair of sisters, contracted STD's and then passed them on to their respective baby mamas.

"We caught crabs and everything together you know what I'm saying. Like that was like my little brother, you feel me? We caught crabs from these two sisters from Houston, literally you know. We were f*cking these two sisters and we just got on the tour bus and n***as was itching. They were like 'man f*ck wrong with y'all?' and I'm just itching and he's like 'You n*ggas must got crabs!' So then we went to the Rite Aid or Walgreens and bought some lights with a lil comb and some cream and then we got to the hotel," he explains in the clip.

"Scrubbed our lil hair lil parts and man on the towel brother, the crabs was literally on that motherf*cker like polka dots. And I was like 'damn that's a real crab' it was real small and I was like 'damn that's really a crab!' So we had to cut the pubic part and we f*cked around and gave that s**t to our baby mommas at the time. Wayne gave that sh*t to Toya [Johnson] and I gave it to my baby moms. We was motherf*cking crab infested."