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Popular Newark battle rapper TSU Surf was arrested yesterday, on July 25th - or 7-25. Surf just released a new album, and the title of the album is . . . Seven 25.

And last year, the rapper was shot on 7-25-2018.

Next year, hopefully the rapper decides to stay home on that date.

Here is the arrest report. Prosecutors have charged the "Wave" rapper with weed possession, and the possession of a magazine clip (not a gun). He's currently being held by the New Jersey police.


Here's how The Source magazine described the rapper:

He has a lyrical heritage that affords him equity with some of the dopest emcees in the game. He also has peer cosigns that reads like a who’s who in the rap world, counting Nipsey Hussle and Chris Brown as celebs that have stamped him official.

But what regrettably gives “The Wave” entry into a familiar club that boast in its membership, Tupac and 50 Cent, is him being shot 5 times.

Out of trauma, he has emerged focused on using his musical prowess as a flame-spitter to be the superstar everyone believes he is. Songs like “My Mother’s House” has caught music lovers by storm. His new album Seven 25 is moving him towards that goal. And just in time, the industry has been waiting on Surf get tidal wave over the competition.

TSU Surf was supposed to host a release party to celebrate his Seven 25 album last night, but the event was postponed.

Sources stated TSU Surf has already been released from jail.