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Rapper TROY AVE Releases A New RAP SONG From Behind BARS . . . And He Explains WHAT HAPPENED The Night Of The SHOOTING!! (Did He Just SNITCH On Himself??)


Rapper Troy Ave just released a FREESTYLE called "I'm Innocent" from behind bars - and he's rapping about the circumstances around his arrest. Here is what he is saying in the rhyme:

Locked in the jail, but I'm gonna get free

I Wear icy gold chains, can't no brass break me

P*ssy n*gga tried to assassinate me

I took the gun from him, and turned the tables around like a G

R.I.P. my real n*gga B-A-N-G

I couldn't make your funeral, but I heard that you were sleep

Flying through the sky, I know the luggage is Louis V

When you get to heaven's door, save your boy a spare key . . .

Is this considered DRY SNITCHING??