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Rapper Trippie Redd has a new girlfriend, popular adult film star Teanna Trump. The couple met a few weeks ago - and according to reports - the two are madly in love with each other.

Trippie Redd is so taken aback by the p*rn star, that he gave her his $50K chain. You can see her wearing it in the below pics.

Here are the images of them together:


And the relationship is very real. Teanna is being called Trippie's "wife" by fiends and associates, MTO news has learned.

Trippie is known as much for his beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine, as he is about his music.

And Teanna's no angel either. Teanna, whose real name is Keanna Nichele Jones, was booked two years ago after previously pleading down to a misdemeanor March 2015 charge of felony marijuana possession with intent to distribute. She ended up serving nearly a year in prison over it.

During a recent concert, Trippie Redd's crowd launched a chant calling for 6ix9ine's freedom. The crowd began chanting "Free 6ix9ine" during his set on Travis Scott's "Astroworld" tour. Trippie didn't encourage the chant, but also, didn't stop the crowd from screaming 6ix9ine's name. Clearly, Trippie feels some sort of remorse towards the Brooklyn rapper.

This isn't the first time that 6ix9ine's name has been brought up during one of Trippie Redd's show. A few days ago in Newark, Trippie Redd was performing before the crowd erupted into a "fuck 6ix9ine" chant. Under any other circumstance, Trippie would've likely allowed the crowd to continue chanting "fuck 6ix9ine" but the rapper put it to an end. "Fuck the drama," he said on stage.