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Does Drake have the coronavirus, or doesn't he?

Last week, Drake went on social media, and told fans that he tested negative for the coronavirus. 

According to Drake, he got tested because he had been out partying with NBA star Kevin Durant -who has the coronavirus, more commonly known as "the rona."

But now another rapper is calling "CAP" and saying that Drake may actually have been infected with "the rona" as well.

Drake recently posted a pic of himself looking rather grim. In the comments Drake captioned that he's upset because everything has been put on hold - because of the required quarantine measures taking place nationally.

But rapper Tory Lanez has an alternate explanation for Drake's somber look. Tory claims that Drake really DOES have the coronavirus.

Tory told fans that Drake actually "tested positive" but has been hiding the results from his friends and fans. Look: