Rapper TI'S Wife Out Wearing A REVEALING OUTFIT . . . No Wonder He GOT BACK With Her!

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Rapper TI and his wife Tiny were going through some difficult marital issues. But that all seems to be behind them. MTO News told you guys MONTHS AGO that Tiny and TI have reconciled.

Atlanta's FIRST COUPLE moved back in together, and so far, we hear they are in MARTIAL BLISS.

MTO News caught up with Tiny - at a 1980s skate party this weekend, and she was looking great. We're sure her HUSBAND appreciates all the greatness that she's workign with.


Tiny just returned from a girls trip in Jamaica. Reports say that:

Tiny has been cruising in Jamaica with her girls from Xscap3 and T.I. wasn’t invited. It’s a girl only trip and he’s a little jealous. He knows there are tons of hot Jamaican men everywhere and he has no doubt they’ll be trying to hit on his woman. Tiny loves it when he gets this way because it makes her feel like he really cares. He’s been sending loving texts every morning. He’s so good with is words that Tiny can’t help but brag a little and show off some of his sweet love notes to her girlfriends,” a source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“She is rewarding him with lots of attention so he knows he’s the only guy for her. She sends him sexy videos all day long and at night after she’s had a few drinks she’ll get him on FaceTime to give him a late night twerk show. Tiny is having fun with her girls but her mind is still on Tip, she’s very attached to him. This time apart is good for them. It’s turning up the heat,” our insider adds.