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Rapper TI'S RUMORED Side Chick . .. Is Firing Shots At WIFE TINY!!!

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Actress Asia'h Epperson made news a few weeks ago, when rumors circulated that she and married rapper TI may have had some type of friendship -that could have been inappropriate. Some folks online are referring to her as TI's "side chick."

Well yesterday, Asia'h appeared to be firing shots at TI's wife. You see, yesterday was Tiny's birthday - and TI was all over social media praising her, for being his loyal partner.

At the same time, Asia'h posted the below pics - bragging about how her body is 100% "God Given". This is important, because TI's wife Tiny has had multiple surgeries to get her body.


Her are the pics that Asia'h posted:


Back in May, Asia'h and two of her female friends were assaulted and falsely arrested by Atlanta police.

We reported on the incident and according to the police report narrative, the officer was working an extra job as security for Houston's at 2166 Peachtree Road on Mother's Day, May 13 when the incident unfolded.

The three women - Erica Walker, Brittany Marie Lucio, and Asia’h Sharrell Epperson, all went to the bathroom after having a girls dinner at the popular Houston's restaurant on Peachtree Boulevard.

The restaurant was closing and instead of waiting for their customers to finish up, the manager decided to out of nowhere call the police on the three women. A MALE officer responded to the call and he entered the ladies room where he CONFRONTED the three ladies - almost immediately the officer TURNED VIOLENT.