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Rapper TI's DAUGHTER Got 'BLUE EYE' Surgery Reversed . . . No Longer Has 'EYE IMPLANTS'!!

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Rapper TI's daughter Zonnique flew to Africa two years ago - and got her eye color permanently changed to blue. This was done through a risky procedure, where doctors implanted BLUE lenses into her eye.

The surgical procedure is so dangerous, that it is illegal in most of he world. Zonnique flew to Africa with her mother to get it done. And her mom, Tameka "Tiny: Cottle - still has blue eyes.

Here's the video of them getting the surgery done:

Well Zonnique got the implants removed - and her eyes are back to their beautiful natural state. She posted a recent pic of her - and her eyes look great!!


Just a few days ago MTO News exclusively reported that Zonnique - is dating an active CRIP gang member, who is 20 years old and already has two babys mothers. We confirmed that Zonnique is dating a popular Baltimore rapper named Izzy. And while he's a CUTIE . . . he's got a lot of baggage.

And by "baggage" we mean HOOD SH*T. Izzy is an ACTIVE street member of the CRIPS. A quick look at his social media shows the young man BANGING with his homies. He's flashing up hand signs and bandanas on nearly every picture.

Zonnique is 22 years old, a little younger than her BFF Reginae, but just like her best friend Reginae —Lil Wayne's daughter— she also likes bad boys. She's dating known gang member rapper YFN Lucci. And they've had their fair share of headlines involving guns and other nonsense. Hopefully these girls dump their "gangsta boos" and settle down eventually with some respectful guys!