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On the new season of TI and Tiny's Family Hustle - TI's infidelity is explored. And now his alleged side chick is speaking out.

The first episode of TI and Tiny's new VH1 show aired this week, and the alleged affair between TI and Greeleaf actress Asia'h Epperson was discussed. It's clear that the alleged affair will be a huge storyline for the upcoming season.

MTO News first broke the story, that TI was caught backstage on video - feeling up Asia'hs butt. At the time, TI and Tiny were working on reconciling their marriage.

Well Asia'h isn't just going to sit back and have her name dragged through the mud for being TI's alleged side chick. She took to social media yesterday - after the show aired - to express her frustration.

Apparently the lady is upset that she's being "used" for a storyline in TI and Tiny's show.

Here's what she wrote in response:

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 8.33.14 PM

And for those interested, here's what Asia'h looks like:


Back when all the drama was going down Asia'h trashed T.I and Tiny's marriage saying, "“A homewrecker I never would be. Not my style! I’m into building baby!!! However, on another note… just so [you] know, u can’t wreck a wrecked home! Hey!!! IJS.”

Asia’h rattled off some Instagram comments back in September that seemed to fire back at allegations of her being a homewrecker. She also indicated T.I.’s marriage with Harris was already damaged. Epperson then said she’s into building a home of her own.