Rapper TI'S Alleged Side Chick GOES ONLINE . . . Fires SHOTS At His MARRIAGE!!

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Rapper TI was accused earlier this year of cheating on wife Tiny with actress Asia'h Epperson. A video surfaced showing TI and Asia'h backstage at the rappers concert. The two joked around playfully, and TI grabbed her buttocks.

Well since then, rumors were everywhere that Asia'h was TI's side chick. While TI and Tiny never directly addressed the rumor, it now appears that TI is back with his wife Tiny - and he's no longer "friendly" with Asia'h.

Yesterday a fan confronted Asia'h - and called her a "home wrecker." Asiah's response was interesting. Instead of DENYING that she slept with a marriage man, she instead took shots at HIS MARRIAGE.


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