Rapper TI: I'm Happy The World Knows I Cheated On My Wife Tiny !!


During a recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, the rapper addressed his treatment of his wife, saying that he is pleased that folks know that he cheated on wife, Tiny Harris.

"It's a great time in my relationship and in my marriage right now," T.I. said on the season premiere. "Trial and error has been my mentor. I'm happy for people to see some of my transgressions and some of the things we've gone through. They saw that that didn't break us."

Wife Tiny agreed: "Me and Tip are in a very good place these days. Everything's better than ever, actually. We've been really in love -- old school love, like back in the day. Like, I just met you type of love."

In the past, T.I. has not been too discreet about his extra-marital activities, but it's good to see the couple back in a good place.