Rapper TI Condemns Georgia Officer Filmed Holding Unarmed Black Teens At Gunpoint

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Rapper T.I. has spoken out about the viral video of a white officer holding five Black, unarmed teenagers at gunpoint in a scathing news conference this week.

"Why don't we ever see little white kids being held at gunpoint?" T.I. said. 

"The Constitution was written for all Americans, OK? Except it only seems like you have to be a certain shade or a certain color to reap the benefits of it? Why are only people of color -- young Black boys, young Black girls—being gunned down at the hands of policemen and using excuses like B.B. guns, water guns? [There are] little white boys that got real rifles go hunting every day, every week with their grandparents and parents; they ain't being held at gunpoint -- Let's not mix words and pretend like we don't understand what we're dealing with."

The video shows a Clayton County police officer pointing a gun at five Black teenagers, bystanders plead with the cop with him to put his gun down.