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Rapper TI Caught CHEATING On Tiny . . . Backstage With SOME THOT!! (Video)


T.I. has been allegedly caught cheating on Tiny with a thot backstage at a performance.

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny were all set to divorce a year ago - after Tiny caught him cheating with MULTIPLE side chicks. But their marriage appeared to be saved - and the couple has been working on restoring their marriage for some time now. It looked like they were making substantial progress until now.

You see, T.I. had a show on Friday - and someone secretly recorded him backstage.  And he appeared to be with his SIDE CHICK - feeling her up when he thought no one was looking.

Here is the video:

The video is VERY damning. Tiny immediately took to social media to BLAST TI. here's what she wrote:

Reports are saying, "the rapper and activist (T.I.) is sitting on a sofa, and in walks in a curvy woman with blonde hair and a large booty — just the way T.I.P. loves them."

The fan, who filmed the "Tristan Thompson-like" cheating scandal could be heard yelling in shock, “this is not Tiny, this ain’t Tiny.”

One fan, who is devastated for Tiny, said: “I’m hurt for Tiny. he looks so comfortable doing it too smh. Got damn Tip You making it hard for us men to stick by you before we be guilty by association. Is it me or does she look pregnant?Not that I wasn’t doing this anyway, but I’m definitely about to just focus on my bag these men are truly something else. Omg prayers up for my virtual Auntie Tiny. When you have a great wife and mother of your children and still do some.”