Rapper T.I. Is ALLEGEDLY Caught Cheating On His Wife . . . With EXOTICAL INSTA-THOTTIE Ana Montana!! (Details)


According to Atlanta-based blogger Sandra Rose, rapper T.I. was allegedly caught creeping with an exotical thottie named Ana Montana. There are rumors that T.I. and Tiny are considering separating, this time for good.

We really hope that all these rumors ain't true. But here's the alleged tea, courtesy of Sandra Rose.

Here is what she is reporting:

An anonymous hotel employee in Atlanta reached out to Sandrarose.com with a very detailed (and juicy) email describing “an altercation” that went down in the hotel where he works.

I won’t go into any more details on the altercation because the information can be traced back to the employee who begged for anonymity because he fears losing his job.

But I will say that the hotel employee has receipts that shows T.I. was a registered guest (under his government name) and that a female’s name was added to T.I.’s room as someone who had 24/7 access to his room.

In other words, he said this female was not registered to the room. Her name was simply added as a courtesy as someone who could come and go to the room with no questions asked.

That female was not Tameka.

The female’s name is Analicia Chaves, aka Ana Montana.