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Buzzing Florida rapper Baby Soulja is going worldwide viral this morning. Last night he threw his babys mama out of his Florida home, and he did it on Instagram Live.

The drama popped off when the south Florida rapper unexpectedly went Live - and showed his babys mama packing her clothes while crying. She was carrying their daughter in her arms.

As the pretty young woman was crying - you can hear Baby Soulja accuse her of cheating. He tells her, "You weren't crying when you were f*cking all these n*ggas."

Here is the video:

Since publishing the initial video, Baby Soulja confirmed on social media that his babys mama was put out - he claims thats he's now "homeless."

Baby Soulja is signed to Flo’Rida’s Strong Arm record label. He was last in the news a year ago, when he got locked up for pistol whipping another Florida rapper named Kolyon. 

Two Florida rap stars were shooting dice outside of the studio when and Kolyon lost a $5,000 roll. According to the reports at the time, Koylon wanted to roll again - blaming the pavement for his bad roll -  and an argument ensued. Baby Soulja reportedly pulled a gun and beat his rival with it.