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Rapper The Game is claiming that he had a s*xual relationship with Kim Kardashian, and that she gave him or*l s*x. The rapper makes the startling claims in his new song.

The Game has a history of "stirring the pot" and creating celebrity beefs to get his name out in the press.

And The Game's latest stunt is meant to get under Kanye West's skin. In a recently leaked snippet from an upcoming song by The Game, he raps "I held Kim Kardashian by her throat, n*gga!" 

Then he spills the alleged tea. He continues on to rap, "I made her swallow my kids, until she choke n*gga! I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n*gga!" 

It's strange, because just a few years ago, The Game was defending Kanye and Kim's relationship. On the song "Heaven's Arms" he spits, "Kanye with Kim now, I’m happy for that n*gga/ Disrespect him or his wifey, I'll slap you for that n*gga."

Here are pics of The Game and Kim looking like a couple - from back in the day:

GAME & Kim Kardashian PIC #1

GAME & Kim Kardashian Pic #2

GAME & Kim Kardashian Pic #2

Now Kanye West is ready to fight back against The Game.

According to TMZ, Game's close friends and business partners urged him to cut the Kim line. They believed it would cause unwanted fallout with Yeezy, and also with the Kardashian clan that has befriended Game.