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Rapper The Game In Mourning As His Grandmother Sadly Passes Away

Rapper The Game hopped on social media to post a touching tribute to his grandmother, who passed away this week.

The Game shared a picture of his kissing his grandmother's cheek.

"Took me a full day for the tears to stop.... And it's not that I'm not emotionally devastated, but simply that I am in so much pain that my heart can't even gather the strength to produce another drop," the lengthy post begins.

"My queen, my angel... the very reason from which my name was created. It was always you. The strength, the glue that held the family together for as long as I can remember. From you chasing me around the dining room table with the belt to you coming out on stage for my 1st show in Los Angeles, I've always known how much you loved me. I started writing this last night & stopped because every time I got close to this part, I'd burst into tears all over again," the post continues. 

Our condolences to The Game and his family at this difficult time.