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Rapper THE GAME Got FAT . . . Gained 50 POUNDS!! (PICS)


Rapper The Game is fat - he gained 50 pounds The rapper used to have the body of a GOD - if you look at his Instagram pictures. But the rapper has been catfishing his female fans now for a few weeks.

You see, The Game has put on quite a bit of weight recently. According to reports, he's put on about 50 pounds.

The rapper showed off his new ROUND shape on social media yesterday. A female fan asked for a photo, and Game obliged. Look at the size of him now.:

The Game recently lost his father, and many are speculating that he has been eating heavily to help compensate for his loss.

In addition to that tragedy the game also recently lost a $20 million lawsuit earlier this month. 

Here's what the report from The Wrap said: 

The rapper, who filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom last year over a contestant on his VH1 dating series “She’s Got Game,” was shot down Tuesday by a judge who granted Viacom’s motion to strike the complaint.

In the suit, the rapper — real name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor — said that Priscilla Rainey was allowed on the show despite a doctor cautioning about her volatile past.

The suit said that Rainey initially passed a psychological examination, but afterward the doctor who performed the examination “was presented with various court documents, including several arrest reports involving Rainey” that revealed “a long and violent criminal history, including multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery.”