Rapper TEKASHI 6IX9INE Is Caught SNITCHING  To The Police . . . On Barclays Arena Shooting

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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been caught giving a statement to police, regarding a shooting that took place on Saturday evening. Some folks online are saying that he's SNITCHING.

To bring you up to speed, over the weekend, a member of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s crew was put under investigation after a gun shot went off at the Barclay’s Center at the Adrian Broner fight Saturday night.

The NY Police are currently investigating a shooting that took place inside the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn. The incident happened when the entourages of Tekashi and rival rapper Casanove met up inside a VIP section of the arena.

Tekashi and Casanova have been having a rap "beef" for months, and police believe that their "beef" caused the shooting.

Well police managed to get an interview shortly after the shot bussed off in the Barclays - from Tekashi. Listen as you can hear Tekashi tell police that "someone" fired a shot in the air. It'snot clear what OTHER information (if any) Tekashi gave to the officers.

Reports said that, "The clip does immediately start with Tekashi saying “shot in the air,” which looks to be him detailing what might’ve happened, but other than it's just mostly the cops telling the mob they had to leave."

TMZ gives a few more details on the incident reporting that:

We're told police understand the situation as follows ... Tekashi and his guys were heading down a hallway in Barclays to hit up a VIP area in the arena, when they bumped into Casanova and co. along the way. The two crews started pushing and shoving ... and someone in Tekashi's group allegedly discharged one round from a firearm.