Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Got Inta-Thot Pregnant . . . Pics Of His NEW BABYS MAMA!!

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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is about to be a father again. A 20 year old NY thottie is claiming to be 10 weeks pregnant with the rainbow haired rapper's baby. The young beauty claims that she and Tekashi met up after he slid in her dms.

According to Marlena the pregnancy was planned. And she has receipts. She released text messages where Tekashi admitted to trying to get her pregnant. In one message Tekashi told the 20 year old thottie "How come your not pregnant yet. I c**e in you 3 times already.

Here are some pics of the young lady - Mαrlαуnα.


And she provided text message proof that Tekashi wanted her to get pregnant:


Here is what she told Tekashi yesterday:

thanks for giving me my rainbow baby 💓🌈 @6ix9ine_ you bein a fake mf right now but thats okay. your baby doesnt deserve that. in the end you wont be mad at me just yourself and the people fuckin with your mind with whats right from wrong. your intentions were to always make this baby with me. only you and i know you truly wanted this baby. xoxo 🌈🤗

In other news, Tekashi recently was caught telling TMZ that he's on one of Kanye West's new albums...He said:

“I’m on the album. I swear. He didn’t want me to tell y’all, but…” 6ix9ine said over his shoulder as the escalator carried him away.

Reports say that, "6ix9ine (born Daniel Hernandez) also claimed while he was in L.A. last week that he was going to go see Kanye — and if that’s true, that could explain when he was able to contribute a feature. Since Kanye managed to get a feature out of T.I. when the Atlanta rapper went to “go see him,” it’s totally believable he did the same for the “GUMMO” spitter."