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Rapper TEKASHI 6IX9INE Gets RUN OUT OF SXSW . . . Goons PULL Up On His Concert . . . And He RUNS!!! (VIDEO)


Tekashi6ix9ine was RAN OUT of Austin’s SXSW last night – by Houston goons affiliated with entertainment mogul J Prince Jr.
Tekashi and J Prince had a bit of a misunderstanding last weekend, and then Tekasi started talking SPICY about J Prince and his Rap-A-Lot family.

This week has been bittersweet for the NY rapper. His single “Gunmo” went platinum, which is an incredible feat for an indie artist. But on top of J Prince Jr’s threat, a video of The Game yelling “f*ck 6ix9ine” on stage is going viral. In the video, the crowd can be heard shouting back “fake ass Blood.”

As we know, The Game is a member of the Bloods and is from L.A. Tekashi’s refusal to check in during the NBA Weekend and the disrespectful way he didn’t check in ruffled a lot of feathers – and clearly, the game is not impressed. His success is impressive, but the rising star is making a lot of enemies during his rise to the top. As much as he may not feel like doing certain things, he may have to humble himself to save his life.

J Prince Jr. claims that he denied Tekashi entry to a club after he did not check while in Houston:

“not for one second do u get it misunderstood that u can get away with the disrespect in my city the way you’ve shown in others. We won’t tolerate it. Make your next move your best move!”

Texas is very much under the control of Rap-A-Lot and the Prince family. And Last night, they showed Tekashi:

Here’s Tekashi RUNNING off when he realizes that GOONS surrounded the venue where he’s supposed to be performing: