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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is being accused of beating his babys mother Sara, by his former tour manager.

The new accusations come from Tekashi's ex-tour manager - who was recently fired by the rapper. According to the ex-tour manager, Tekashi has been abusing his babys mother for months.

And last night, Sara released a video, showing her face with a busted lip. The caption on the video suggested that someone punched her in the mouth. But she did not specifically name Tekashi as her attacker:

So what is the tea? Well according to Tekashi's ex-tour manager, Sara caught the rainbow rapper cheating with a stripper. And when she confronted him, Tekashi reportedly beat her.

The tour manager claims that Tekashi also beat Sara on other occasions - including when she travelled to Dubai to meet him.

The tour manager claims that Tekashi has paid her $200K - and asked her NOT to file charges against him for beating her. If Sara were to file charges - Tekashi would be in violation of his probation - and be sent to prison.

Here is a text message, where that claim was made:


Not all women who date famous men are looking to share the spotlight, and Sara is one of them. The two started dating before 6ix9ine gained such widespread fame. She keeps a fairly low profile and doesn’t share photos of 6ix9ine on her Instagram page just as he doesn’t share photos of her.

In an Instagram live video, Sara said that she’s not a “clout chaser,” and would be with the rapper whether he was famous or not. She also explained that she wishes 6ix9ine’s actions didn’t affect her. "His fame should not have to affect me in a negative light or negatively,” she said to her followers.