Rapper Tee Grizzley Gets BEAT UP In The Club . . . We Got THE VIDEO!!!

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MTO News learned that over the weekend that buzzing rapper Tee Grizzley got into a fight at a nightclub in Chicago. And he appears to have LOST the fight. The video, shows Tee and a group of his homies getting BEAT by just two men.

The video starts when the two men JUMP on Tee Grizzley and his friends - beating them to the ground - while raining punches on them. Tee Grizzley is punched at least a dozen times in the face - and at one point appears ready to GO DOWN.

Eventually Tee Grizley gets REINFORCEMENTS. Five of his friends jump in to make the odds un-winnable for the two fighters. Eventually Tee Grizzley and his friends overpower their attackers, and they manage to escape.

But while they escaped, many of Tee Grizzley's fans are making FUN of him - for losing a fight to a much smaller man.

Here is the link to the video:


In case you don't know Tee Grizzley got his start after being released from prison in October 2016, Grizzley released his debut single, First Day Out through YouTube. The song gained over 2 million views in less than three weeks, and led to Grizzley signing a record deal with 300 Entertainment & Atlantic Records in 2017. After releasing numerous mixtapes and singles throughout 2017, Grizzley released his debut album, Activated on May 11, 2018, which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200.

His real name is Terry Sanchez Wallace and he was born on March 24, 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised by his grandmother in the Joy Road area of West Detroit due to his mother and father constantly being in and out of prison.