A Louisiana rapper named Tec is making some explosive threats on social media. The up and coming rapper is threatening to murder rapper Young Thug - and says he plans on killing his kids too.

Tec, who is from Baton Rouge has a history of violent criminal charges against him. Now he's turning his vitriol towards Young Thug. He says Young Thug stole his "Spider" drip and is so upset, that he wants to murder Yung Thug, along with rapper Gunna and their families.

Tec made the threats publicly on Instagram Live. 

During the Live, Tec went on a homophobic rant against Young Thug and Gunna, whom he claims are "gay." According to Tec, the rappers deserve to be dead or in jail because they are, "turning young people gay."

Tec told his fans, "If you're gay, you deserve to be in jail."

And as to Thug and Gunna, he told them, "I'm ready to war with whoever. I pray that God stops me from trying to kill y'all. But he won't because he wants me to kill y'all."