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The sister of Tay-K, the rapper who was sentenced to 55 years for murder, has spoken out against Botham Jean's killer Amber Guyger only receiving a 10-year sentence.

 "Just so y'all know what white girl just got 10 years for a murder that she did commit, by walking into this mans HOME. Meanwhile they just convicted my brother of murder and sentenced him to 55 years for a murder he did NOT commit because 'he should have anticipated it.' He should have anticipated that someone else would pointlessly pull a trigger in a situation that it was not necessary."

Although Tay-K did not allegedly pull the trigger, he was present during the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker and ended up with a hefty sentence. He was a minor at the time of the crime.

"Nobody testified that they saw Taymor acting violent in any way," Kayla Renee added. 

"In fact the only thing anybody who testified said was that Taymor was never in any room anybody was injured in! The only thing he had in his hand is a bag! No weapon! And Taymor was the youngest JUVENILE involved. Yet he got the most time out of all the juveniles , while the white girl that set everything else and anticipated this robbery for MONTHS is eligible for parole Rn." 

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