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Rapper TAY K Is On Trial For DOUBLE MURDER . . . Look At 'JAIL' Pic He Posts ONLINE!!!


Rapper Tay K is currently facing trial for two murders in the State Of Texas. If convicted, he is expected to get the DEATH PENALTY. But Tay K doesn't seem to be worried about all that.

You see, he snuck a phone into prison - and had his friend post a pic on social media from his jail cell. Tay K chose a very UNFRIENDLY pose for the pic too.

The photo was posted two weeks after it was reported that Tay K was moved within Texas from Tarrant County Jail to the maximum-security Lon Evans Corrections Center, where he's being held in solitary confinement. The transfer was reportedly caused by a sheriff's deputy discovering Tay-K hiding a cell phone and a charger during a pat-down.

It's unclear when or where the posted photo was taken. "Live From the Gates of Hell #FreeMe," reads the caption.

Tay-K is facing a capital murder charge for committing a murder during a robbery. He was one of seven people arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a July 26, 2016 home invasion robbery in Mansfield, TX.

According to XXL:

The rapper's case isn't looking great. The Fort Worth Star-Telagram reported last week that Ariana Bharrat, one of Tay-K's co-defendants in his original capital murder and aggravated robbery case for the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a home invasion in July 2016, has agreed to testify against her alleged accomplices in exchange for the waiving of her own capital murder charge. Prosecutors previously struck a similar deal with suspect Megan Holt.

He was placed on house arrest before deciding to cut his ankle monitor off in March. U.S. Marshalls captured Tay-K last month in New Jersey, and extradited him to Fort Worth, Texas.

A judge ordered Tay-K to be held in adult jail until he is certified as an adult in the Mansfield case. Tay-K was booked into Tarrant County Jail, according to the Star-Telegram.

Tay-K’s legal woes don’t end there. He is also charged in another murder in San Antonio after fleeing house arrest