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Rapper T.I. Demands Lloyd’s Of London Pay Reparations To Descendants Of American Slaves

Rapper T.I. has penned an open letter to Lloyd's of London -- demanding that they pay reparations to descendants of American slaves -- as its wealth was established on the back of slavery.

"It has come to our attention that your company was built on the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors. We have seen you apologize for your 'shameful role' in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, but that simply is not enough," T.I. wrote per Forbes.

"I must take direct aim at the fact that while many corporations and organizations like yours, denounce past behavior, verbally accept accountability and even share public sentiments of contrition – there never seems to be enough, if any, consideration or serious discussion around how to repay the descendants of the African slave."

"We demand a specific call to action that includes, but is not limited to direct reparations be made to the families who were ripped from their native lands and sold as property while your company profited from the whole shameful endeavor." T.I. wrote.