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Rapper SWAE LEE’S Girlfriend Walked In . . . Caught BLAC CHYNA . . . Giving Him DOME!! (DETAILS)

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Swae Lee’s girlfriend Marlie is claiming to have caught Blac Chyna – giving her man DOME in his Los Angeles apartment.
Marlie took to her social media accounts almost IMMEDIATELY to Blast her man – and Chyna.

Swae and Marlie have been dating SERIOUSLY for the past two years.

Blac Chyna has also been linked to YBN Almighty Jay over the past couple of weeks, but perhaps he wasn’t enough man for her. But getting caught giving another man head – who everyone knows is in a relationship – is pretty low!

And didn’t Swae Lee see the leaked video. We know that Blac Chyna’s head is not worth losing your girl for!

Of course, social media weighed in with their opinions.

“So apparently Blac Chyna be sucking on Swaelee d*ck smh I tried to be on her side but this b*tch so f*cking nasty and a hoe b*tch you got kids tf. You worse than Amber Rose.”

“Instead of blaming him because he’s the one cheating on her she’s blaming chyna..💆🏻”

“But Chyna is a hoe/stripper/porn star .. so nothing she does surprise us”

“Girl Chyna not the only hoe he done f*cked and won’t be the last.”

Blac Chyna has been preparing to release her debut album for quite some time now. She allegedly tapped Yo Gotti, Tory Lanez, Jeremih and Swae Lee for the album. Maybe all this mess is promotion for her project (which we all know is going to be an even bigger mess!)

Chyna, you’re a mother of two. You’ve got to be better!