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Rapper Snoop Dogg Gets PUNCHED IN HIS FACE . . . At The Funeral . . . Of Comedian RICKY HARRIS . . . They STOLE On Snoop . . . Inside The CHURCH!! (Video Shows AFTERMATH)

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Snoop Dogg was ASSAULTED inside Comedian Ricky Harris' funeral - according to multiple sources.

Yesterday was the official funeral of the popular comedian, and tons of his celebrity friends and colleagues attended - including SNOOP DOGG.

Well some of Ricky's friends di NOT like the fact that SNOOP was there - and one f them reportedly STOLE ON SNOOP.

The video shows that Snoop's bodyguards quickly RUSHED HIM OUT of the funeral - and they sped off in a car - with a group of angry men chasing behind them.

We're not even going to speculate WHAT caused the drama - but with all the Chris Brown-Soulja nonsense - LA is real HOT already.