Rapper SLIM JXMMY From Rae Sremmurd . . . Buys $250K Diamond Goggles!!

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Rappers are known to spend their money on ridiculous things. But Slim Jxmmy from the group Rae Sremmurd may have gone overboard. MTO News learned that the rapper spent over $250,000 on a pair of goggles.

They're not just any old goggles. They're Dior, and they are made of solid gold and diamonds. Actually the glasses are one diamond Audemar Piaget and a diamond Rolex stuck together


Here are some videos of them:

Besides just using his money to spend EXTRAVAGANTLY Slim Jxmmi is also giving back too. Complex reported last week that Jxmmi has started a scholarship program. The rapper said that he's going to GIVE AWAY $50,000 to students to help them with their studies.

 Here's what he said:

Sunday morning, Slim Jxmmi took to the group’s official Instagram account to announce he plans to help at least one student with their college tuition as part of a #JxmScholarShip giveaway.

“I want to send $50,000 to a student going to college out of high school,” Jxmmi announced via a selfie video. “So send your transcripts in. I will send y’all a link to send your transcripts to. Stay posted.”

It’s unclear how many scholarships will be awarded, as Jxmmi’s video says one gift of $50,000 but the adjoining caption states five scholarships of $10,000 each will be awarded.

“I want to put 50k toward your future!” Jxmmi wrote in the caption “I will be picking 5 hardworking students (10k a piece). Send your transcripts and a brief video explaining what you plan to major in to jxmscholarship@gmail.com. Winner will be selected in July.”