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Slim 400, rapper and close pal of YG who previously had beef with rainbow-haired rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine says that if hip hop allows snitches back into the culture after ratting out their homies, he's quitting and will retire from rap!

"N*ggas out here talkin' this 'I'm 'bout to be back' type sh*t. I feel like this...[if the] rap game let these snitches that be on black and white... fresh out of jail... back in the industry and weird-ass n*ggas dong songs with 'em and sh*t...I feel like I'm done with the little hip hop rap game sh*t. I'm 'bout to be on some rock 'n' roll, n*ggas catch me overseas doing techno type sh*t. Like, that's out!"

His words comes days after Tekashi's girlfriend hinted that the rapper would be released from prison in six months.

"If a n*gga on black and white is proven to the public, that's out. We ain't f*ckin' with n*ggas. So if a n*gga do come back and he on some rap sh*t, and n*gga drop new songs with new features and it's brackin', count Slim 400 out."

Is he right? Or should the rap game let Tekashi back into the fold?