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Compton rapper Slim 400 was shot last month and during a recently released studio video, the rapper revealed what it was like coming that close to death.

Slim played a new track at the beginning of the video:

"Now I'm back in the mother f*cking lab, ya see what I'm saying, with my kinfolk ...and it's about to get brazier," he says.

Speaking on the shooting, he said that "after so many shots I think I just fell...I gave up like I'm done man, if it's over it's over, but that was the wrong thing to do right there."

"I had my relative you feel me, at the love of her heart come save a n*gga...stay up, stay up.... pulled me in the house." He believed at the time that he would die as a result from the ambush shooting, but now that he has survived, he is promising to go hard with his music.