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Rapper TOO Short . . . In A SUNKEN PLACE???? His Face Covered In WHITE POWDER . . . Looks HIGH . . . With White Girl!!!


Shocking new pics show legendary rapper TOO SHORT – looking like he’s in a bad (and possibly a SUNKEN place).
The rapper was spotted leaving a TOP LA club – with his face covered with a white powdery substance.

He also looks very INEBRIATED – possibly with some type of NARCOTIC.

He's been having a hard time of it lately. A suit was filed against him accusing him of sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination and false imprisonment.

That's a LOT of charges.

According to TMZ:

Too Short threw her onto the bed, held her down, undressed her and began performing oral sex on her. She claims subsequent incidents happened in hotel rooms or the studio. She claims on one occasion he told her, "I'm just going to put the tip in" ... and, although she said, "No, please no" ... he continued. In the suit, she says he held her down during vaginal sex -- she was left bleeding -- and then "brutally sodomized" her.

Too Short claims that the young lady is trying to extort him and that he planned to countersue and even put a restraining order in place. He denies doing anything with Teana Louis that was not consensual.

Could it be that the West Coast rapper is burying his problems in a mountain of snow? There's no way to tell. His lady friend could have given him a heads out before he left the building and told him to wash his face.

With friends like her...

Take a look at this mess below.