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Rapper Sauce Walka: "I Only Date White Girls, It's A Business Decision'!!

Popular Dallas Texas rapper Sauce Walka is going viral today, MTO News has learned. And that's because the hip hop star claims that he "only" dates White women.


According to Sauce, his preference for blondes is a "good business decision."

Sauce Walka explained his preference in a new video, that MTO News can confirm, has since gone viral.

Watch around 3:20 (contains graphic language)

In the video, Sauce Walka explains, "I'm rich for real ... I got White b**ches who wash my dishes and clean my clothes, and dry my body off when I get out the shower."

The interviewer asked whether Sauce Walka would ever date a Black woman, and the rapper answered, "I love Black women and would f**k a Black b**ch, but no I wouldn't date them." He then claimed that his decision to date White women was a "business decision."

Sauce Walka, real name Albert Walker Mondane, is a rapper. He is one-half of the rap duo Sauce Twinz, performing alongside his partner Sancho Saucy.

Sauce was raised in Houston by his mother who struggled with addiction. His father was a professional wrestler and he has a brother named Dillon Clemons. 

Sauce claims affiliation with the Bloods gang and has spoken about how he's had to hustle and pimp to survive. He met up with fellow hustler Sancho Saucy, the son of a notorious dope boy and gangster, and the two started putting their experiences on paper and rapping about Houston life. 

Sauce Walka told Hot 97 that he was the one who invented the slang term "drip." He describes his style as saucy, marinated, flavorful, and a handful of other colorful terms.