Legendary Houston rapper Sauce Walka was arrested yesterday by the New York police.

The rapper was driving through Brooklyn in an SUV, and police pulled over the vehicle when they learned that a rapper was inside.

It's not clear what officers are claiming that they found in the vehicle, but Sauce Walka, real name Antoine Walker Mondane, was taken into custody on unspecified charges.

People online are speculating that police may have found a firearm in the vehicle - and if they did that's VERY bad news for Sauce Walka.

Under a strict anti-gun New York law, possession of a firearm is a Class D violent felony. If convicted, the defendant will receive the mandatory minimum of three and a half years in prison for the first offense. The maximum sentence is seven years.

Here is the video of the police arresting the rapper:

This happened yesterday. Now, nobody really knows what happened at this point, but we know the officers of the NYPD can be savage. But more importantly they are know to have established the infamous Hip-Hop police force. I am not sure if this is what we are dealing with, but I wouldn't/t be surprised if it was. Hopefully the homie is ok and not in any trouble. Being from out of town can be difficult in NYC.

They are starting up the #FreeSauceWalka but they may be early. We'll see.