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Rapper Rick Ross lost 90 pounds recently, and it has changed his life for the better. The rapper showed off his extreme weight loss yesterday in NYC, and he looked great.

Rick Ross lost the weight by changing his diet and exercising daily.

The Florida rapper/mogul decided to change his life after suffering two seizures in less than 24 hours a few years ago. The “Bawse” found himself sitting in the waiting room of a very expensive doctor’s office.

He told fans in a recent interview, “I was the only black dude, and the rest was 55- to 80-year-old white males sitting in the room.” Adding, “It was all silence and we all was kind of just looking at each other, like, What the f*ck he here for?”

Ross said that he watched as elderly Caucasian male after elderly Caucasian male was called by the nurse. Finally, it was his turn. The doctor broke it down for him. “He told me I didn’t have high blood pressure but I was hypertensive, which is a phase under having high blood pressure. And that’s when I said right then, ‘Yo, what’s my biggest enemy?’”

The doctor checked his chart. “Right now, for you, based on everything you wrote down: sodas.” Soda wasn’t the only thing, but it was the started point that Ross remembers.

The 43-year-old rapper who once tipped the scale at 350 pounds, has dropped down to right around 200 pounds.

He showed off his new figure yesterday at the Beautycon Festival NYC 2019.