Rapper RELEASED After Beating Up OFFICER . . . Makes VIRAL SONG About 'Beating Cop'!!!

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A Fort Worth Texas rapper has gone viral, for beating up a police officer - then making a song where he BRAGS about it. Mad Max was arrested in July for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

According to online accounts, Mad Max - real name Jaterron Williamson - allegedly BEAT UP a police officer. He was picked up after allegedly "punching" the officer in the eye.

Jaterron spent the better part of two months trying to get released after the alleged altercation with police - and last week he finally got a bail amount - $15K. Mad Max quickly made bail and then did what all rappers do - he made a new track.

The track called "First Day Out" talks about what he did immediately after being released from prison. Some folks online are saying that he lyrics can be interpreted as "bragging" about being released after beating up an officer.

Here's the video: