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Rapper Ralo Posts Update About His Case

Rapper Ralo has shared an update about his case from behind bars.

He says it could all be over in just weeks and that he needs a few people to testify on his behalf.

"My judge scheduled my entire case to be over December. My lawyers asking for time served," he wrote. "I need letters an some good people that's willing to come testify that they will help me stay on the right path while I'm on the 3 years probation. I also agreed to talk to the youth. Please tagg good people that would do this an go to scroll down an click the link (Write Ralo Judge) #FreeRalo"

Ralo was taken into custody at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in 2018 after feds discovered that a private plane he was on had 444 pounds of marijuana on it. He was granted a $250,000 bond last summer but the bond was revoked in December. He says somebody snitched on him.