Rapper Offset, of the Migos, has been caught cheating on his rapper wife Cardi B multiple times. This time it looks like his cousin Quavo, also of the Migos, is getting caught up in a similar fashion. 

Quavo is currently dating the gorgeous female rapper, Saweetie. But recently a woman went on Instagram to claim that Quavo is texting her and cheating on Saweetie  - and she had what appears to be "receipts."

Here's Saweetie - she's clearly a beauty.

But that didn't stop a New York model named Lashaae Clair from claiming that she's been communicating with the Migos rapper for the past 6 months. It's not clear based on her claims whether the two actually met up or had a sexual relationship, but according to her, the two developed a romantic relationship via text.

In one post, she attached a couple of pictures of her FaceTime with Quavo and alleged, "I've been talking to Quavo for the last couple of months. He doesn't really love that girl. If he did he wouldn't be talking to me." 

In another post, Lashae claimed that she and the Migos member started exchanging messages in August. "I guess cause I don't have a lot of following it was okay for him to message me," she said. 



Not everyone believes this woman, however. Many are suspicious of her claims especially since Lashae posted her "receipts" on OnlyFans, which requests its users to pay to see the content. One skeptic said, "You a whole catfish," as another user told her to "get a life."