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Ex-Fugees member Pras is being slammed by both the media and fans alike after it was revealed that the rapper owns a watch collection worth $10 million, yet still hasn’t paid over $127,000 in child support.

According to court docs, Pras admitted to the value of his impressive watch collection in Manhattan Family Court.

“This last year has been a very tough year for me, and I have hit the back of the wall,” Pras told the judge. He did not have a lawyer present and represented himself in court.

Page Six reports that Pras ceased paying his $4,800 monthly payments to Severiano in November 2018.

Pras told the judge that he fell behind on the payments because the feds seized $74 million of his money when they brought the criminal charges against him.

“I want to apologize to Angela and my son. [..] I want to rectify this ASAP.” He is trying to get the feds to unfreeze him money so he can pay her.