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Rapper Pop Smoke's 'Killer' Goes On Instagram Live From His JAIL CELL! (WTF)


Police arrested five people yesterday, in connection with the death of rapper Pop Smoke, and one of the men that police say was involved in Pop Smoke's killing, decided to Livestream his status from jail.

The man who is believed to be associated with the Hoover Crips went on IG Live and Livestreamed his arrest.

Here is the video:


And here are some screenshots:


LAPD Capt. Jon Tippet said in a statement to MTO News, “We are confident we have the five individuals responsible for the killing of Bashar Jackson — Pop Smoke,” 

Although authorities said the assailants did not know the rapper personally, the officer told us in the statement, “we believe that Pop Smoke posted his location on social media and that is how they found him.” 

Pop Smoke had previously been tied to the Crips street gang, and detectives suspected his killers were probably gang members. Tippet said the people in custody are associated with a Los Angeles gang.